The Faculty of Health Sciences participates in diverse European projects:

  • „Providing a Teaching and Learning Open and Innovative Toolkit for Evidence-based Practice to Nursing European Curriculum” - project as part of the KA2 Erasmus + program.

  • "COMPETENCIES WORK SUCCESS.  Improving the didactic potential of the University by advancing competencies of students of the Medical University of Warsaw as an element enhancing their opportunities on the labour market " – project co-financed from European Union means under the European Social Fund – Operating Programme KNOWLEDGE EDUCATION GROWTH 2014-2020 (

Objective of project: - preparing students to entering the labour market by extending competencies expected by the employers, such as  professional, communication, language, IT, analytical skills and those related to entrepreneurship in a group of students of the last year of medical faculty (6th year) and nursing (third year of firs-cycle studies).

  • "Implementation of e-services for handling processes connected with education and examination of the Medical University in Warsaw" –  project co-financed from European Union means under the Regional Operating Fund of the Mazovian Voivodship for the years 2014-2020.

Under the project  the Medical University in Warsaw will be furnished with 100 desktop computers and 100 laptops, and in additional a special electronic examination system would be developed for needs of students of medical fields, as well as a base of multimedia test questions. The project will be completed on 30 April 2019.

  • Participation of the The Division of Teaching and Outcomes of Education of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the research project „RANCARE Rationing - Missed Nursing Care: an International and Multidimensional Problem” - project co-financed by European Union and implemented under the European Cooperation Fund in the field of scientific and technical research - Measure COST CA15208 - Cooperation in Science and Technology in the Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

Objective of project: launching discussion concerning the impact of nursing staff per nursing practice insufficient in the majority of countries worldwide: quality of care and patient’s safety, as well as consequences of the lack of sufficient nursing care for the vocational advancement of nurses. 84 representatives (Management Committee Members) from 27 countries of the world are participating in the project.


  • Participation of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Didactics in the project „Implementation of Dedicated Education Units in Europe – iDEUS-EU" - project implemented under the grant of the Erasmus+ Programme in a period pf 36 months, as of 1 September 2015 until 1 September 2018 under partnership of 5 European Institutions: UC Leuven Belgium, Universitat de Barcelona Spain, Instituto Politecnico de Setubal Portugal, Medical University in Warsaw in Poland and Ege University Izmir Turkey as well as UC Limburg Belgium. 

Objective of project: developing new educating methods for students of nursing and midwifery. This is connected with enhancing the education quality by deploying innovative educational methods based on the mentoring principles in nursing and in midwifery. The superior objective of the project is also forging permanent cooperation between European research units and taking up joint measures oriented at development and popularisation of science. Under the project on 12 January 2018 a conference took place concerning modern teaching in midwifery based on the mentoring method supported by international project IDEUs-EU (

  •  "Advancement of professional competencies and qualifications of nurses and midwives by post-graduate education implemented by WUM"project co-financed from European Union funds under the European Social Fund– Operating Programme KNOWLEDGE EDUCATION GROWTH 2014-2020.

Objective of project: Supporting male and female nurses and midwives in acquiring new competencies and qualifications in response to epidemiological and demographic needs of Poland and to confer to female and male nurses and midwives new rights to  prescribe medicine and issue prescriptions.