Graduate of first-cycle studies:

  • ability of providing health services to a woman and her family, a pregnant woman,  a woman giving birth, post-partum woman and a woman with a gynaecological disease;
  • abilities related to health promotion, prevention and professional obstetric, gynaecological and preconception care, prenatal care, perinatal care as well as in the menopausal period and the senium;
  • ability of recognising pregnancy, taking care of a patient in physiological pregnancy and monitoring proper pregnancy;
  • ability of independent handling a birth and caring over mother and new-born;
  • readiness to deliver educational and health education, among others with respect to preparing to becoming a parent and giving birth.

Graduate of second-cycle studies:

  • ability of providing professional care over a woman in physiological and pathological pregnancy, birth and post-partum period, and over a woman at a hazard of illness and a woman in gynaecological condition;
  • ability of executing research and organising the work of subordinates and supervising obstetric and gynaecological and nursing care;
  • readiness to taking up managerial functions;
  • ability of preparing and providing health education of any selected didactic and educational milieu with the objective of implementing the education of midwives.