Graduate of first-cycle studies:

  • readiness to executing the profession on one’s own;
  • ability of taking up employment in public and non-public public health units, among others in hospitals, nursing homes, centres of palliative and hospice care and public nursing homes;
  • after completion of teaching specialty – ability of working in school education.

 Graduate of second-cycle studies:

  • readiness to independent providing of medical care to persons in diverse health state and of different ages, managing health care, cooperating in medical care teams, devising and implementing health education programmes, participating in works of scientific and research teams and in post-graduate education of nurses and midwives;
  • ability of taking up work among others in public and non-public health care entities, public welfare homes, higher schools and in public administration bodies;
  • with pedagogical training – ability of taking up employment in schools;
  • readiness to taking up managerial functions.