The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Warsaw was established on 29 May 2000 pursuant to resolution of the Senate No. 33/2000 [download document, PDF 23 KB].

The present structure of the Faculty was adopted by resolution of the Senate No. 24/2001 [download document, PDF 31 KB] and resolution No. 40/2009 [download document, 161 KB]. Presently it is educating students in five fields of study: dietetics, nursing, midwifery, emergency medicine and public health. Education is provided in a 2-cycle system and in two 2 modes: full-time and part-time (extramural).

Bachelor studies (first-cycle studies) are conducted in Polish and end with obtaining the bachelor title. Studies may be continued in two-year master studies (second cycle studies) in the faculties of dietetics, public health, nursing and midwifery, which end by obtaining a master title. Following completion of second-level studies education may be continued on doctoral (post-graduate) studies [http://www.doktoranci.bodp.wum.edu.pl/].

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a dynamically and robustly developing unit. In 2007 it was granted the right to conferring the degree of doctor of medicine and in 2009 the right to confer the  degree of doctor of health sciences (see: Doctoral programmes). In 2011 the Faculty was awarded the right to confer the degree of doctor habilitated in the field of health sciences. The Faculty of Health Sciences may also implement procedures connected with conferring the scientific title of professor in the field of health sciences.